Water District Adopts Budget, Sets Tax Rate

The Plateau Underground Water Conservation & Supply District Board of Directors held a budget hearing followed by a regular meeting on Thursday, Sept. 21st.  

No one from the general public showed up to testify in the hearing so the Board proceeded to the regular meeting.  

After the normal business of approving the minutes and a financial report there was a motion and a second to set the 2018 budget at $140,489.  The motion passed.  

Then there was a motion and a second to keep the same tax rate as last year, which is $.04600 per $100 of value.  That motion also eventually passed after lengthy discussion.

The public is reminded that the District continues to provide water quality testing at no charge for any water well in Schleicher County.  Contact information for the District:  203 SW Main St. Eldorado, Texas 76936  P.O. Box 324  Ph. 325-853-2121  Cell Ph. 325-650-2110  www.plateauuwcsd.com 

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