Reader Bemoans the Killing of Giant Oak Trees

Dear Editor:
My green soul suffered a serious blow when I saw that the oaks at the convenience store in Christoval were killed. 

Eleven years ago I got my Catahoula pup, Marshall. Thus began a new routine. This hound loves to travel with me from the ranch to San Angelo because I allow time for a stop in Christoval.

The leafy oak bower we visit there is a true haven for man or beast. On the side of the convenience store the aged giants offer a shady arms to the road weary. Human guests sit at the picnic tables, the occasional rider from the nearby stables pause to cool. Stray cats, one armadillo plus countless birds are about. But for dogs, it is a nose feast. So many others have come by since Marshall's last inspection.

I mused to a fellow nature fan that the trees must be over 100 years old. No! No! I was corrected: 500-500+.

That would mean their life was well established long before the Spaniards came to Menard. In that time span Mother Nature has given weather extremes, storms, and blessings. The trees endured.

Profound sadness filled me when I saw a dozer and chain saw had razed the oaks. Mother Nature is sad too.

I haven't told old Marshall.

Susan Buccholz
Eldorado, Texas

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